Mantras are banded around Instagram as commonly as washing your old socks.

We’ve all seen them – “Be who you really are,” (no shit); “you are the only person you need to be good enough for,” (and hopefully not a loon); and my personal favourite – “You deserve a life full of happiness and positivity,” – I mean state the bleeding obvious, you’re not going to say “have a miserable and unproductive life,” are you!?

Beyond the quote-you-like, a mantra is really special actually. They’re an ancient Vedic practise used in meditation – either a sound, word or phrase believed to have spiritual and psychological powers. Something to repeat in your meditative practise to embed through the bones of your being to manifest change in ours lives to lead to personal contentment. Traditionally these are Sanskrit hymns have incredible powers, the vibrations in the repetition inducing a deep mediative state.

OM – pronounced AUM is a mantra which you may have sung a thousand times yet have no idea why when it’s simplicity is it’s beauty. This small word contains the whole universe in its being, everything from beginning, to middle, to end, the seed of all creation, and it sits in every single one of us. So next time you’re in class squeaking it out like an embarrassed teenager, use your breath to bring it power and meaning, and let the sound vibrate your whole being.

A – waking state
U – dream state
M – deep state

Then silence – infinite consciousness. (More on this another time).

How about taking the magic of this idea into something meaningful for our lives?

Finding a personal mantra is completely unique to you, there are no right or wrongs , it’s a theme that holds something powerful and transformational to you. It also might be something related to a specific situation in your life right now, or something by which you want to live by holistically. You might even have one already and you just don’t realise.

Without realising, I accidentally stumbled across my own mantra, in fact I’ve actually been living this mantra for a long time.

When I was much much younger, I made the decision that I wanted to live the most full life I could, born from a time of complicated circumstance. I wanted to be able to look back when I’m on the way out of this life, and think boy – what an adventure that was. And so my mantra was from that:

I have learnt or done something new everyday.

This might be as simple as reading an article about something I know nothing about, to experiencing a new place on the other side of the world. Just something so that I can look back at the day and know I’ve used my brain and being in a different way to yesterday.

It propels me onwards.

There are a few ways to find yours. Do a mind dump of everything going on right now into a pad, the things you care about, the areas in your life you wish to be more full – let it out. Are there any themes? Anything that links everything together? Visualise yourself leaving this life – what do you wish you had achieved for yourself or others? Can you divide them into subjects ie body; mind; life?

Then write out your mantra as if it’s your personal tome and bloody own it. There might be many mantras and that’s ok too – when you’re using them however just focus on one at a time. It’s also helpful to position the mantra as if it already exists it for example –

– I am happy in the complicated skin I’m in, in all it’s glory and wobbly bits

– I have the confidence to deal with that awks situation in work and it will teach me great courage to deal with -the next numb nuts

– I am ready to find love with someone who loves me even though I love pickled eggs

Then simply meditate with it. It doesn’t need to be a gigantic hour long sesh, it could on a note by your bed to wake up to, a reminder when you’re walking to work, something you say to yourself in the mirror at work Rocky-stylee (my favourite). See what happens.

Now go get your Mantra-Magic on!