Yes life is annoying – the tube is sweaty and stressful, and yes that girl from work is really doing your nut in, and yes you’re not sure if your direction in life or even what you should have for dinner…

…but you also know life is full of decisions and stresses and worries, that there’s a high probability you might balls up at any point, and all you might need every now and again is to remind yourself of the things that make life ace. And they’re there, you just need to allow yourself to see them.

And those things, sometimes tiny, sometimes massive are happening all the time but you just don’t notice because you’re travelling at the speed of light onto the next thing because if you don’t, life as you know will implode into a thousand grains of salt washed away down the kerb by the April rain. Or perhaps something less dramatic (I’ve obviously been watching way too much period telly recently).

If you find it hard to spot, why don’t you think of 3 reasons life is ruddy great when you get into bed of a eve. Do a mental scan of all the stuff in the day, pick out the best, and do a mini-re-run in your brain. Like a brain soap opera.

And then maybe write it down so you can remember before you squirrel your thoughts towards the next thing. As soon as you wake up do the same and write it down. Something mega or mini to remind you things ain’t so bad, and maybe even be thankful for.

Mine vary wildly, from the first spring sunshine peaking through the blinds in the morning (thank the stars), to when a stranger picked up my iPhone I just dropped in the street and didn’t nick it, to hanging out with my sister for the first time in an age.

In the US they call this a “gratitude journal.”

I’m not really into that so let’s call it the “life’s actually pretty great” notes – although you might call it a gratitude journal if you’re that way inclined.

I keep mine in my phone which is a sweet treat to refer to if you’re about to loose your shit in Pret A Manger waiting for your coco-latte.

And they’re everywhere these little pockets of joy to lift your spirits so think about the things that are good rather than the things that could be better and I guarantee you’ll naturally start to feel happier.

It is a super-fantastic way to be grateful for the way things are right now…and if nothing else will give you a good laugh in a years time.